Let the Chris Brown rhianna fight die with the teenage stupid mistakes we all haveĀ 

I’m so fucking tired of the old comments about he(Chris Brown) beats up girls. If it happens once it’s a mistake we all make them if more then once them it’s a habit. Do yourself a favor and stop spewing ignorance and read something other then insta comments. And look at statistics of black Men or men period who make it off probation without incident. I’m sure you have things you did as a teen you regret and wish you could change. And would be mortified if the world saw it. Your words don’t mean nothing you hide behind a computer and say what ever come across your silly small judgmental mind. As for @chrisbrown he words were not needed because you show your sorry by changing and not repeating the mistake as he will do for the rest of his life. That is his apology to the world and rhianna follow that move not one mistake